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Innovative concept for on-demand packaging production for online distribution

20 Jun 2017 by Thomas Plattner - Kern AG (46)

Smart Pack - Made On Time

E-commerce is booming. More items are ordered over the Internet and delivered home conveniently. Thanks to shorter delivery time, through to Over-Night-Delivery, and reduced postage costs and minimum order amount, also the average number of items is going back. The share of single item orders is increasing and this requires optimized processes in picking and a very short time.

Here the concept "PackOnTime" supports to optimize the processes in production and packing, helps to increase productivity and take care of the environment and the same time. Our concept allows the distribution of items without any additional filling material but still good protected for the distribution route. Thanks to the optimised form of the box the item can be inserted directly and the volume of the package is reduced significantly.

Also for delivery of accessories, spare parts and consumables in the industry, household or consumer electronics companies rely on Over-Night-Delivery. The required items need to be ready for shipping from stock in a very short time.

«PackOnTime» means:

    • The package is produced on-demand, at the time when needed
    • The package is produced to measure
    • The system fits seamless in different picking and packaging processes
    • Uses the primary package directly for shipping, no additional shipment packaging is required
    • Simplifies logistics and stock management

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