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Sealing seam inspection

06 Jul 2017 by Christian Florin (46)

Standard visualisation systems capture two- dimensional images and need more or less fast image processing systems. Now, the ASP Array (Actives sensor pixel array) opens a new world in non-destructive testing. On the ASP array, each pixel is provided with its own lens and with its own signal pre-processing. The OCT technology works in "real time" with highest accuracy. In the ASP array systems functionalities of the data acquisition and signal processing are even integrated onto the "pixel level". For the extraction of interferometric features, the time-of-flight principle (TOF) is used. The ASP architecture offers the demodulation of the optical signal within a pixel with up to 100 kHz and the reconstruction of the amplitude and its phase. The dynamics of image capture with the ASP array is higher by two orders of magnitude in comparison with conventional image sensors!!! The technology is suitable for measuring the thickness or controlling the sealed seam of transparent or semi transparent layers. For strongly scattering material such as titanium oxide or Tyvek layers, the time information is lost due to scattering. Qualitative statements are possible if the scattering is taken into account in the data analysis.

Document attached: Siegelnaht_(OP)_korr_nd_New_E_CF.pdf

sealing seam inspection

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