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Adoption of 3D printing in packaging industry

24 Mar 2017 by Matthias Baldinger (21) with 1 answer

I am wondering how far is the adoption of 3D printing / additive manufacturing in the packaging industry? Especially: - What are the main applications of 3D printing in packaging industry today? - How big is the market for 3D printing in packaging roughly? - Do packaging companies invest in 3D printing equipment or do they work with service providers? - What will the main applications be in the future?

Thanks, Best Matthias Baldinger

Packaging Consulting

11 Apr 2017 by Lutz Engisch (41)

Hello My name is Lutz Engisch and I work at iP³ Leipzig. As part of our competence network "formplus", we are intensively working on generative production processes (aka 3D printing). In the area of ​​packaging, RP technologies are currently being used in the various stages of packaging development. However, most of the technologies suffer from ther unusual surface and, in some cases, weight, stableness, etc., So often the printed result has not the known properties form classic packing materials. Moreover, the coloring of the 3D printed surfaces is very limited. In some cases, the approach is to use the 3d printed models as a master form for conventional production methods (casting molds, injection molds). This can be interesting for small runs. In the field of packaging machines, partial 3d printed components are already being used today. Here, however, the mechanically restricted properties must also be considered. Many companies have bought "3D printing" technologies in the last few years - but mostly with the Intension to get to know the technology. For special problems / applications, service providers were used, since they have the appropriate know-how and the necessary technology. For further questions please get in touch with me.

Best regards Lutz

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