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Barrier Coated film

02 May 2017 by Philippe Roulet (21) with 2 answers

Looking to high barrier non aluminium laminates, which coating between SiOx and AlOx is the most performant in terms of OTR and WVTR. Are they auitable for retort ? Thanks and Regards

flexible Plastic Materials

04 Oct 2017 - 15:59 by Kapava Smith (1)

Dear Philippe, AlOx films are retortable. Actually, the important point is the barrier properties should be retained after thermal/microwave subjection. AlOx and SiOx are available in the market. The method of fabrication of the AlOx films would differ the properties, especially the retortability or the Gelboflex tests. Hope this helps. regards.


Dear Philippe Roulet, different substrates/polymers can be used as contact layer with AlOx or SiOx. We can give you guidance on that if you wish. Please contact our business development manager for packaging (contact details below) to discuss regarding that topic. Kind regards, Markus

Business development manager “Packaging” at Fraunhofer IVV: Sven Sängerlaub Phone +49 8161 491-503


Dear Philippe,

In Amcor we ha a product line of metal-free materials for high barrier packaging called AmLite. We have laminates for liquid and dry products, processed and stored at ambient temperatures, as well for heat treatments such as hot filling, pasteurization and retort.

If you are interested to get more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail:

BR, Eliana Atramiz

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