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Barrier Properties of Laminates

11 Mar 2016 by Karsten Schulz (41) with 2 answers

Is there an overview on permeation rates for common laminates available?

Plastic Packaging Materials


Hi Karsten Schulz,

you can find the permeability values normalized to 100µm for standard polymers in the following publication in figure 5.

You can calculate the permeability through laminate structures by applying equation 1 from this publication.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


15 Mar 2016 - 04:25 by Ingo Bueren (101)

You might find additional information with the supplieres of films, foil and laminates like AMCOR, Constantia, Nordenia etc. Also companies like MOCON ( can be very helpful to source data on permeation.

09 Apr 2016 by Sven Saengerlaub (21)

We measured several laminates and published the results here:

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