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Fruits and vegetables map

04 May 2017 by Kaustubha Joshi (21) with 1 answer
edited 05 May 2017 by Moderator

Dear sir, We are Looking out for the options on Fruits and vegetables modified atmosphere packaging Material so please help me out which Plastic Films are best suitable

Plastic Packaging Materials


Dear Kaustubha Joshi, Unfortunately there is no „one solution fits all“ answer possible because the requirements of Fruits and Vegetables towards their respective packaging concept strongly depend on the kind of fruit or vegetable. We can give you guidance on that if you wish. Please contact our business development manager for packaging (contact details below) to discuss regarding that topic. Please also see our services following this link: Kind regards, Markus

Business development manager “Packaging” at Fraunhofer IVV: Sven Sängerlaub Phone +49 8161 491-503

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